Strength/Barbell Work
1a) 8×3 Clean Deadlift @ 80% of 1RM Clean
(There should be a 3 second pause above the knee)
1b) 8x ME L-Sit Hang
( Should be performed hanging from a pull up bar with legs brought parallel to floor so the body forms a capital L from a side view)
* Rest 90 seconds between sets. 3 clean deadlifts will be performed then immediately into max effort L-Sit Hang. Once the L-Sit is complete the 90 sec rest starts*
Double Tabata
8 Rounds
20 seconds ME hang power clean 95/65
Rest 10 seconds
20 seconds ME burpee
Rest 10 seconds
*Should be a total of 8 minutes. There will be 2 scores, one is all H.P.C and the other is all burpees*