Barbell Work
1a) 8×4 Clean Deadlift- Heaviest Possible
1b) 8×2 Hi Hang Clean- Heaviest Possible
Rest 1 minute between exercises
*Note: Clean Deadlift should have a 3 second pause above the knee
7 Rounds
7 Deadlift 225/155
10 Over the Bar Burpee
*3 down 2 to go*
13.3 is in the books!!! I know everyone is glad that one is out of the way, no ones quads like 150 wall balls! Once again the Compound had a lot of people come out to support and compete on Saturday. Keep up the good work guys!! Here is the top 3 from both sides of the house for 13.3:

                 Men                                                                    Women
         1. Ryan Allday-255 reps                             1. Ashley Smashley-216 reps
         2. Ryan Knutson-247 reps                         2. Jackie Shockley-199 reps
         3. Tim Walsh-245                                      3. Nikki Monroe-181 reps