We support Pipe Hitters Union 100% here at the Compound.

Damn right we have Kettlebells!!!

Big tractor tires can be very emotional some times….haha!!!

This is the classic tire flip face

The girls getting down on the firemans carry!! Sarah is making it look easy!!

Dave showing off his skills on the firemans carry!! This was a team builder workout where everything had to be done together for a total score.

Big Kyle knocking out the ring push-ups!!!

Shirley getting ready to throw down!!!

This is a cool picture of Sarah and Kyle with the American flag in the background

We are blessed to have such a great group of people at our gym….. Where else can you get this atmosphere after a workout?

Box jumps for everyone! We had a great turnout at the compound today!!!

SATURDAYS CLASS look at those three posers!!this is part of their warm up ritual….