Playing with the big tractor tire at the Chesapeake Jubilee Park!!!!

Dave getting ready for some overhead work.

Playing with the 200 ft military spec. bungee at the Chesapeake Jubilee Park!!! Every Saturday we meet at the Compound at 10 am and load up the gear and go to one of the local parks or beaches for a fun day of Crossfit!!!!Come join us this Saturday for an awesome time in the park!!!!

Kris just got back from the dentist’s office…..what a showoff!!!!

Lloyd getting some back squats.

Doc Donner and Mandy representing Dr. Block Chiropractic Office here at Chesapeake’s finest Crossfit Training Facility!!!

Some big chain action here at the COMPOUND……. Heavy truckers chain = well defined butt and legs!!

The girls waiting for their turn on the pipe…….slosh-pipe people…this is CROSSFIT!!!!!

Want to strengthen your core????? Try our SLOSH-PIPE!! COMPOUNDCROSSFIT.COM

!!!!!!!!!!MORNING CLASSES!!!!!!!!! For everyone that is interested in the morning class, CLAUDIA, our new trainer will be leading the 5am classes on Tuesdays & Thursdays. SIGN up now because spaces are limited!!!!!!! Come in and get your workout before work and boost your metabolism for the whole day!!!!!!!! Spaces fill up fast so you must […]

Shirley on the rings

Sarah doing thrusters on team workout day