Some of the Compound Crew landing wicked jumps!!

Yes…all that dust in the air is my heavy bag coming apart!!

Micah kicking the shit outta the chain!!!

Some ring push-ups

Julia with the kettlebells.

******* ATTENTION ATTENTION ******* Starting Monday 21 July, the 5 p.m. class will now be a beginners class and the 6 p.m. class will be an advanced class. Any questions feel free to call 7573197649.

Joe Alexander and his girlfriend just got engaged!!!!!!! Congratulations Joe, wish you the best!!!!

Wooo Hoooo……our newest piece of gear……the Cargo Net!!!!!

Some big tire flips!!

Here are some of our new members……welcome to The Compound……to our family!!!!

This was an awesome race, thanks to all who participated!!!! We are lucky here at the Compound to have such an amazing group of friends!!!!!!! On June 21 2008 Compound Crossfit of Chesapeake Virginia gathered a team of volunteers from our personal training facility to participate in the Rudy Seal Challenge. Here are some photos […]

Here are some shots of the sand dunes we had to climb……….guess what was at the bottom of the dunes…….?