083110 WOD

Press 5-5-5 AMRAP 12 135/95# Push Press Jerk X 5 Burpee X 10 Sit-Up X 15 Don’t forget the warm ups on the white board AND post bragging rights 😉 here!

082410 WOD

Holy Quick 3 Rounds: Wall-Ball x 20Push-Up X 30(W/ Hand Release)Sit-Up X 40 Don’t forget the warm-ups! Start “The stoke” comment here for results

081910 WOD

| Overhead Squat3-3-3-3-3 4 Rounds For WeightSnatch Grip DeadliftPower SnatchSnatchOHS post comment and results here

WOD 081710

Deadlift 10 RM Alternating Tabata DL/Burpee16 rounds of :20 on/:10 off 185# for men 135# for women So round 1 will be DLs, round 2 burpees, round 3 DLs, until you hit 8 rounds of DL and 8 rounds of burpees. post results and comments here

Push Press3-3-3-3-3 3 Rounds: 155/105# Deadlift X 5155/105# Hang Power Clean X 5155/105# Push Press X 5155/105# Front Squat X 5155/105# Bent Over Row X 5 Full recovery between rounds. Try to not let the bar slow down at all during the complex.

The Appeal of Running and Getting Dirty

The Compound Crossfit Mud Run Team had a blast! Our unique blend of teamwork was an experience that was filled with enthusiasm and all around endless team support. The first dip in chest deep water along with the trail run was a nice break from the heat coming off the beach. However, the uphill sand […]

UNCONVENTIONAL WOD Boys VS Girls Tire Flip w/ Jump Through X 60…95/65# Burpee DL X 12053/35# KB Swing X 18020/14# Wall-Ball X 240

WOD “Elizabeth” 21-15-9 – 135/95# Clean (Full squat)– Ring Dip *Don’t forget warm ups are posted on the white board POST TIMES AND COMMENTS HERE

WOD Press 5-5-5 400m Run…135/95# Push Press X 30400m Run135/95# Push Press x 15

SEPTEMBER BOOT CAMP Registration for the September Boot Camp is now open!! Sign up for a 2nd Boot Camp or encourage your friends and family to register!!

WOD 30/24″ Burpee Box Jump X 3040m Shuttle x 2Burpee x 30…40m Shuttle X 230/24″ Box Jump X 3040m Shuttle X 2 A 40m Shuttle is done by sprinting 10m, changing direction and sprinting back 20 yards, then changing direction again and sprinting 10 yards through the original starting point.

The Beast of the East The Beast of the East competition is now official. This will be the largest competition on the east coast.This contest is going to be promoted to every Crossfit gym in the Eastern time zone,that’s over 20 states . We have rented out the Durham Fairgrounds in Durham ,CT for October […]