092710 WOD

| Push Press3-3-3-3-3 AMRAP 1250/35# DB Push Press X 8Burpee X 850/35# DB Walking Lunge X 8 (4 Ea. Leg) Warm ups are posted on the whiteboard Post bragging  rights here! in this photo: Valerie Matney

COMPOUND CROSSFIT’S ANNUAL HALLOWEEN PARTY All are invited to attend a wonderful evening of costumes, good friends, food, and drinks here at The Compound!!  Start looking for your costumes now!!!!     |

091910 WOD

Back Squat 5-5-5 6 Rounds:95/65# Front Squat X 10Ring Dip X 10Toes-To-Bar X 10 warm up are posted on the whiteboard post comments here

091710 WOD

“Nancy” 5 Rounds:400m Run95/65# Overhead Squat X 15 Reminder Warmups are posted on the whiteboard Start a fray…post comments here!

091510 WOD

3 Rounds 800m RunPull-Up X 30 Don’t forget warmups are posted on the whiteboard and post results here!

Commerate 9-11 WOD

“Always to be best, and to bedistinguished above the rest.” – Homer, The Iliad 315/205# Deadlift X 11 225/155# Back Squat X 11 40% of Bodyweight Weighted Pull-Up x 11 185# Clean and Jerk X 11 185# Front Squat X 11Muscle-Up135# Snatch X 11135# Thruster X 1145# Weighted 15′ Rope Climb X 11 1 Mile […]

090710 WOD

5 Rounds 315/185# Deadlift X 7 Double-Under X 21 Warm ups are posted on the whiteboard Post comments and results here!