Rock Climbing at the New River Gorge

     No other sports represent trust like rock climbing.  Trust is one of the key on a successful climb.   From estimation to making the next height, trusting your gears (harnesses, ropes, carabineers, etc.), and most of all trusting your partner at the bottom base that he’s belaying you securely.   By having faith […]

102810 WOD

|AMRAP 20 95/65# Snatch X 10Push-Up X 20 post result here!

102610 WOD

5 Rounds: 155/105# Deadlift X 12 155/105# Hang Power Clean X 9 155/105# Front Squat X 6 warm ups are posted on the whiteboard and Don’t forget to post results here

OCTOBER BOOT CAMP STARTS THIS SATURDAY @9AM!! We still have space in our Monday/Wednesday/Friday class at 7:30PM If you are interested in participating, the cost is $99. Come by the Compound and register today!!!