WOD PULL-UP  x 50restPRESS  5-3-3-1-1-1rest 5 ROUNDS BURPEE  x  5DOUBLES  x  20

WOD AIR SQUAT  x  100rest FRONT SQUAT  5-3-3-1-1-1rest 3 ROUNDS LUNGES  135/95  x  14DUMBBELL CLEAN & JERK  x  7ROPE CLIMB  x  5

WOD 3 ROUNDS SNATCH  165/115  x  3PULL-UP  x  10DEADLIFT   x  10H.S.P.U  x  10

WOD A.M.R.A.P  20 POWER CLEAN  185/125  x  5SLAM BALL  30/20  x  10DUMBBELL PUSH PRESS 45/30  x  15 The Compound kicked off another Fitness Boot Camp this weekend with great success!! This Boot Camp filled to capacity very quickly resulting in us having to put people on a waiting list for the April Boot Camp! If […]