Percentage Test #3

3 min AMRAP

Dead lift @ 50% of 5RM

*Athlete must hold the top of the dead lift for :20 seconds every minute on the minute. Once 20 second hold expires, athlete will get as many reps as possible in remaining time of that minute. There will be holds at minute 0,1 and 2.. those 3 dead lifts that are made to bring bar to extension do not count in the total score. If athlete fails to hold for :20 seconds, they cannot receive any points for that minute. *


3 rounds

1 min Burpee Box Jump 24/20

1 min Power Clean 135/95

1 min Pull up

1 min Rest

Compound 30

5 rounds

1 min Slam ball Sit up 30/20

1 min Calorie Row

1 min rest