Teams of 3


Find 1RM Hang Clean

starting at 20:00

 each athlete completes one of the following in relay fashion,

21 cal row- 15 Thruster 95/65- 9 bar facing burpee

21 thruster 95/65-15 bar facing burpee- 9 cal row

21 bar facing burpee- 15 cal row-9 thruster 95/65

once these are completed team will go right into the following for time:

100 Thruster 95/65

150 Hang Power Clean 95/65

200 burpees

*200 burpees can be done anytime during the thrusters and hang power cleans, 1 person works on bar and both people “resting” can be working on burpee total… score is total weight lifted for strength and the time to complete everything after the 20:00 mark*