Robbie, Robbie….We love our Robbie…..

Robbie first experienced CrossFit at the Compound in November 2008 as a gift from his wife, Leslie. Robbie was in the midst of re-enlisting in the Navy to become a Diver and she thought CrossFit might be just what Robbie was looking for. Robbie began eating on the Zone and saw a huge jump in his performance in just a few weeks. He swears by the Zone and touts its benefits to others interested in eating healthy and improving their fitness level. Even though Robbie has been in Chicago since June, he continues to conduct CrossFit workouts with other dive trainees on the weekends. In October, Robbie begins Dive School where the physical training program is founded on the CrossFit methodology, so we know he won’t have a problem keeping up, if not smoking the other guys. It was great to see you this weekend brother!!! Keep fighting the fight and making us proud. Our thoughts are with you!!!