I have rips on my rips………
Fight Gone Bad……what a horrible follow up to yesterday’s Angie. After doing 100 pull ups and having my rips from Monday open yesterday I thought…to hell with grabbing a bar today.
But I did and so did about 5 others who had hands that were sore and torn.
I looked around after I set my bar up and saw the others setting theirs up and I felt pretty damn good about throwing down with them today.
I believe a direct quote from Mark Rippetoe is “If you insist on wearing gloves, make sure they match your purse.”
I can’t tell you why my fellow crossfitters thought it was a good idea to push through the pain of their rips but I can tell you what my thought on it was……..
The Compound has many military, fire fighters and police officers, myself included, who really have to expect the unexpected!!! If an officer is getting his ass beat by someone, he has to suffer through the pain until back up arrives. If a fire fighter feels the heat from a fire but hears a baby cry in a house, they will suffer to save. If a mother and wife is about to become a victim in the Walmart parking lot she should fight her heart out.
Rips suck!!! They really do! But my rips are a mental state more than a physical one. Rips won’t kill me. The skin will grow back and I’m not out of WODs for weeks. However, believe it or not (and this may not be the majority mentality) rips make me know I can endure some pain and still give my heart when it comes down to it. Your mind should be just as strong as your body. Our box isn’t the place you come to look pretty, nor is it the place you come to fill an ego (leave that shit at the door). Our box is a place we gather to seriously concentrate on make our minds and bodies ready to take any given situation that comes our way. The are a badge of honor, so to speak, that kindof just come with the territory.

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