Most of us know to shave seconds off our “Fran” time or to out sprint our opponent in one of our suicide WODs our diet has to be on point.
We don’t kid ourselves and think we can eat like absolute shit and then have any kind of admirable performance in the gym….because each and every one of us know that’s the furthest thing from the truth.
Most of us eat according to the Zone or at least Zone-ish. However, one of our finest members, Pat, has decided to dig in and see what Paleo is all about! Pat is going to share this with us….does it work? What’s all the hype? Is it better than the zone? Or is it pretty much the same? How will it effect his performance, his health? These are all questions he is going to shed some light on. I will be posting some of his dinner meals, in case you guys want to try his yummy recipes.

For any more info on recipes, or where this adventure is taking him, or to join him in the fun shoot him an email at

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