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Friday, 07/14/2023

STRENGTH Every 3 min x 2 sets of each – alternating sets: Set 1 – AMRAP Wall Facing HSPU’s (-1) Set 2 – AMRAP Strict HSPU’s (-1) + AMRAP Kip HSPU (-1) WORKOUT “Triple Dozen” 4 Rounds for Time: Bike 12/9 calories 12 Toes to Bars 12 Dumbbell Alternating Power Snatches @ 50/35 lbs Rest […]

Thursday, 07/13/2023

WORKOUT “Steady” 25 Minutes at smooth effort: 40/32 cal row 30 sec plank on elbows 20 sec dip support hold 10 ring rows STRENGTH Every minute for 8 minutes (2 rounds): Minute 1- 10 Staggered Stance Dumbbell Romanian deadlifts Minute 2- Single Arm Kettlebell Suitcase Carries 50 feet Minute 3- Max AbMat Sit-Ups Minute 4- […]

Wednesday, 07/12/2023

STRENGTH Every 2:30, for 12:30 (5 sets): Back Squat Set 1 –10 reps @ 60% Set 2 –8 reps @ 65% Set 3 –6 reps @ 70% Set 4 –6 reps @ 75% Set 5 –6 reps @ 80% WORKOUT “Change Levels” For time: 60 Front rack lunge steps @ 115/75lbs – every min, starting […]

Tuesday, 07/11/2023

WORKOUT “Mind Bottling” On a 30 min running clock: 400m run 12 CTB pull ups 6 power clean and jerks @ 155/105lb (70/48kg) 3 rope climbs –rest 90 sec between sets — *PLEASE NOTE, THERE WILL NO LONGER BE DAILY WODS POSTED ON THE MAIN SITE SINCE WE ARE NOW USING WOD UP STARTING NEXT […]

Monday, 07/10/2023

STRENGTH Within 10 minutes: 3 Snatches + 2 Overhead Squats + 1 Hang Squat Snatches @ Max Load *Any style snatch on the first 3 reps, final snatch must be squat snatch. Any position hang is allowed. WORKOUT “Sell Out” 7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Reps for Time: Barbell Thruster (135/95 lbs) Box Jump Over (24/20 inches) Time Cap: […]

Week of July 3-7

New strength cycle is starting! You are going to see thrusters, back squats and a pushing progression! Don’t worry… we aren’t working thrusters EVERY week… there will be snatches and overhead squats worked in there too! 

Week of June 12-15, 2023

This week, we’ve got front squats, deadlifts and snatches… OH MY! And working on that core and rowing skills 🙂

Week of June 5- June 9

RETEST WEEK for Bench and Back Squat! 🙂 And some skill work for butterfly pull ups and double under work! Hope you guys are ready for another week to smash… Can’t wait to see those PRs for our 1RMs!

Week of May 29-June 2

This will be a lighter/deload week in order to recover from Murph…then next week we will re-test our 1RMs on the back squat and the bench press! I’m looking forward to some big numbers!!!