One of our loyal members, Val, taking travels to Old Town Crossfit in Alexandria while she was out of town….. Thanks for the hospitality, Jerry!!!!

We tried out the Heavy bag/ Snatch workout from Great Basin Regional Qualifier, only difference was the rain!!!

Amy and Anna going head to head with the Push Pressand now the box jumps

Robbie and Leslie’s trip to Hanging Rock N.C. with the kids!!

Please welcome the newest member of our staff. Domoni aka “Dom” is a very motivated instructor out at the Compound. We are very glad to have you Dom!!!

WOD Clean and Jerk x 10 Ring Dip x 15 Kettle Bell x 20

WOD Push Press HDSU L Pullups DEADS

S.D.H.P.x100 400m run everytime you put the bar down or need to take a break