Valerie and Leslie doing some ring push upsValerie and Will on the rings Heather power snatching

Shirley getting down and dirty!! Our Power Snatch work outKyle’s deadlift!!!!! Robbie warming up for the deadlift Gayle preparing for 7 max deadlifts

Valerie on the GHDRobbie kicking out some knee to elbowsRobbie and Leslie working hard!!Leslie’s pushups And her Sumo Deadlift High Pulls

Everyone at their stations!!Meghan LOVES tire flips!Gayle slamming the tire around! Kyle motivating Keith!

Shirley, Caleb and Leslie knocking out wall ballsThe “no joke” box jumps!!Leslie’s push upsAnd Keith’s!A little friendly competition between Christina and Leslie

Joe and Dom square off!

Leslie knocking out the kettlebells!Heather not focusing? Leslie and Heather gettiing big numbers on the big box jumpsGayle professionally swinging the kettlebells! Heather counting for Leslie’s amazing ring push ups!!!!!

Keith and Kyle on ring pushups!! Leslie pushing the tire around! Now Heather’s turn! Gayle and Meghan bustin out rign pushups! The warm up to our latest team work out

Nick tossing around the bag!Will showing us one handed crossfit!!!!Christina working on her pull ups Kris excelling on deadlifts Christina throwing some big weight around!

Nick and Llyod duking it out

Christina working on her back squats!

Meghan working the kettlebells!Christina and Nick moving the bells! Nick, Meghan and Christina perfecting box jumps!