******** OPEN HOUSE ******* OPEN HOUSE!!!!! OPEN HOUSE!!!!! OPEN HOUSE!!!!! Ok everybody here it is…….this is you chance to join a kick ass gym……..possibly win a free membership……..meet Cindy Crawford from 100.5 max fm…….and get your ass in the best shape of your life!!!!!! Saturday January 17 at 2pm We will be having our open […]

Leslie’s bad ass on the pull up bar!!!!!Val and Gayle knocking out some pull ups

Firefighter Challenge

Happy New Year’s 2009!!!!! Compound Crossfit’s New Year’s Bash Heather, Josh and Leslie doing pullups after a fewGayle and Les Heather and Ryan

Leslie and Robbie on the wallShirley and Kris on the wallCrazy stunts by Will Compound Crossfit Gang

Ryan turkish get upping Heather Keith and Gayle

Let the challenges begin…….

The boys squaring off!!!!