Friday Night Lights Starts 2/26!


Every year we all come together and do the Crossfit Games Open WOD on Friday Nights. The organic energy that has been created and sheer power of our community it bas become our ‘Friday Night Lights’ over the past couple of years. The Open is the first step in a process to find the fittest people on earth. It is a 5 week competition that has workouts released on Thursday night and scores are due by Monday night. People all over the world do the same workout in this 5 day period, last year there was 275,000 people. It is the ultimate test for a seasoned veteran or someone that started Crossfit yesterday. We set up heats of 5-10 people (depending on the workout) and run through heats until all our athletes are completed. Sign up below to get registered before 16.1 is announced on 2/25! Feel free to ask any of the coaches and they will fill you in with more info!

Sign up here