10675732_10100220119176723_2190101903909065582_nFull Name: Justin Marcus Shockley

Nick Name: J-Shock, Shock

Hometown: Leesburg, VA

Occupation: HVAC Mechanic at All Conyers Heating and Air Conditioning

Qualifications: Crossfit Level 1 Certificate, Crossfit Football

Educational/Training Background Info: High school: wrestling, football, and lacrosse. College: football and club lacrosse. I have completed many 5ks and 10ks, Warrior Dashes, and a Tough Mudder.

What was your first WOD?: The Bear Complex – I remember doing it with some high school buddies and 3 rounds in I was sure there was no way I could finish.

Greatest Fitness/Nutrition Advice You’ve Ever Received: Train with a purpose, set long and short term goals. Eat like a caveman – when possible.

Go to Cheat meal: Dessert, anything with peanut butter, Mexican food – fully loaded steak nachos, burritos, fajitas!

Words of Wisdom for Rookies: Practice the basic movements at home. Work on mobility and flexibility – limited range of motion causes a number of issues.

Benchmark Lifts: Clean and Jerk – 321 Snatch – 235 Squat – 395 Deadlift – 405 Bench Press – 365 Strict Press – 215 Push Press – 275

Who inspires you: The Games athletes, and the crossfit community in Hampton Roads – the competition here is great!

Why crossfit?: The people are great and the possibilities are endless. There are so many different movements and skills to learn and perfect. It never gets old.

Personal Goals: Make the podium at a local event

Favorite Compound Memory: Bootcamp in May 2012. The night/mud run! The conditions could not have been any worse – pouring down rain and pitch black – it couldn’t have been any worse. It was tougher and more fun than any race I have ever paid to enter.