10443039_10203278005523475_8120082443815861009_oFull Name: Keith Jackson

Nick Name: KJ

Hometown: Portsmouth, VA

Occupation: Police Officer

Qualifications: CrossFit Level 1 Certificate , Pendlay Level 1 Olympic Lifting Seminar

Educational/Training Background Info: Played lots of sports in my 30+ years, baseball, softball, basketball, football, golf; Played tennis for high school; did traditional weightlifting programs for 15 years prior to crossfit, have been crossfitting since 2009.

What was your first WOD? First WOD was “FRAN” in Feb 2009… Totally blew that WOD, could only do strict pullups so I burned out pretty quick and only made it thru the 15 round and was 12 minutes in.

Greatest Fitness/Nutrition Advice You’ve Ever Received: Any mobility from K-Star…  and using strength band good mornings for mobility and strengthening the posterior chain…  has been invaluable for keeping my back healthy (have to credit Louie Simmons for that one)

Go to Cheat meal: Mexican (YEAH!!)

Words of Wisdom for Rookies: Perfect the form on your air squat, it affects the form on so many other movements.  If your squat form is bad, the other movements will suffer.

Benchmark Lifts/WOD Stats: Snatch – 210, Clean & Jerk – 240, Back Squat – 315… Haven’t kept stats on benchmark WODs since I first started Crossfit, so I should probably do that.

Who inspires you: As a coach teaching the Olympic Lifting classes, I get inspired seeing the progress people make.  Doesn’t matter who it is, experienced or new, when the form clicks it’s exciting.

Why crossfit?: You can always find ways to challenge yourself, and the crossfit community is great.

Personal Goals: USAW Level 1, Snatch 250, Clean & Jerk 275

Favorite Compound Memory: The first local competition at the old gym.  This was before everyone had the Crossfit Open to showcase their skills.  It was more like a party than a competition.  It just reminds me of what crossfit is all about, a community of people having fun & working out.