Meet the Team

Ryan Knutson
As owner and head coach of Compound, he is the man with the plan. If you have a question then he has the answer.
Keith Jackson
Our resident Olympic weightlifting expert. Whether learning the snatch or clean & jerk for the first time or fine tuning your lifts, Keith has you covered.
Shelley West
The pint sized powerhouse that proves strength, size, and stamina are not correlated. Shelley's balance of power and endurance is amazing.

Sam Blackmer
Our gymnastics pro who's movement is as beautiful as it is powerful. Whether body-weight or heavy weight, Sam make is look easy.
Will Whisenant
Our resident mobility expert. If you are having issues with your flexibility or just everyday aches/pains, Will has an exercise to fix it all.
CJ DerGurahian
The jack of all trades. CJ is the renaissance man who's skills are vast as he kills one weakness at a time.
Mike Jensen
Endurance junkie who never stops running. For advice on running long distances without losing your strength gains, Mike can help.