10536415_10204754823619208_194899568863223410_oFull Name: Michelle Renee West

Nick Name: Shelley, Shellz, Funsize, Short Stuff

Hometown: Long Valley, NJ

Occupation: Marketing Manager

Qualification: CrossFit Level 1 Certificate, Strongman Certification

Educational/Training Background Info: Played soccer my entire life and swam competitively through high school. Have completed a sprint triathlon, two tough mudders, four half-marathons and two marathons and one Ragner race.  Started Crossfit in August of 2011, received my Level 1 in October of 2012 and Strongman Cert in April 2013

What was your first WOD? (Where/When/What/Did you shit the bed): Fran – My mind sort of went blank and at the end of the second set I realized I was supposed to do 15 reps instead of 21 so my final time was for 21-21-9

Greatest Fitness/Nutrition Advice You’ve Ever Received: You cannot out train a bad diet.  Just because you’re working out doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want!

Fav. Quote: I never ask for anything I don’t demand of myself, Honestly, Loyalty, Friends and then Wealth

Go to Cheat meal: Reese’s Peanut Buttercup Blizzard!

Words of Wisdom for Rookies: Show up!  Quit reading what the WOD is and just show up – it will make you a better athlete.  Also, don’t compare your weights/times to other – you’re not here to beat out anyone but yourself

Benchmark Lifts/WOD Stats: LIFTS: Back Squat: 177 Bench Press: 110 Clean: 105 Deadlift: 215 Front Squat: 148 Jerk: 100 Press: 78 Push Press: 100 Snatch: 80 WODS: Jackie: 10:25 Helen: 12:37 Fran: 7:09 FGB: 240 Cindy: 14 rounds

Who inspires you: Everyone at the gym – while I might beat someone in pull-ups or squats, I know they can beat me something else and I look to those people for inspiration to get better, everyday. I’ll never be the best at every lift/exercise and I’m OK with that because I want to be around people who push me to the limit.

Why Crossfit?: I’ve tried it all – running clubs, bootcamps, obstacle courses, kickboxing, krav maga and global gyms – all of which I forced myself to go to every day.  With Crossfit, I look forward to the WOD and seeing my “box” friends everyday. I actually look forward to going and leave knowing I put 100% effort into my workout. I never found that feeling with any other workout I’ve tried – that’s why I show up, everyday.

Most memorable moment as a coach: This was back in NYC – a friend of mine said she’d never be able to do a pull-up.  I told her about the Fighter Pull-up Program and stayed with her after every class to go through it with her.  We started her on the green band and slowly worked our way down.  She came into class one day and said “watch this” and did her first, unassisted pull-up. I felt like a proud momma.

Personal Goals: 15 strict pull-ups, Rx all the Girl WODs

Favorite Compound Memory: My first unconventional WOD.  Ryan AllDay wrote “Diane” on the board.  I saw that and immediately regretted showing up…except Ryan kept writing.  He ended up taking up the entire whiteboard.