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1 Back Squat EMOM x 7 min



3 rounds

3 min AMRAP

30/25  Cal row

in remaining time:

Wall Ball 20/14

3 min rest between



You may have noticed some changes to Compound Crossfit recently.

New equipment, new layout, new color scheme, and an overall newer feel. All this new comes to us complements of a new partnership.

For years, Tara Viot has been a dedicated member of Compound Crossfit. She is one of those members who goes above and beyond stepping up to volunteer with seasonal programs, gym events, anything needing a good spreadsheet, and even measuring the sweaty guy bodies during challenges. She’s a sport.

What you may not know about Tara is that in addition to raising two awesome kids (and a full grown husband), she has been passionate about fitness forever and shes a dynamo in the workplace. After serving for four years as a badass radar technician on the freaking Airborne Warning and Control System for the United States Air Force in Japan, Tara has been a boss at all things business.


After Tara left the USAF, she moved to Okinawa where she was a Program Manager for the Marine Corps Community Service where she managed the staff, budget, human resources, and marketing. She was also a tour guide for the organization, offering unique experiences for visitors to Okinawa, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Bali, Australia, Thailand, China, and Korea.


For the last 13 years, Tara has been managing a staff of 30+, as well as overseeing human resources, patient care/satisfaction, budget and finance, facility operations, merchandising, and marketing for a large medical practice in the area.


Tara’s passion for Crossfit and strong business background have come to a synchronistic crossroad. When she approached Ryan about the possibility of working together at the Compound, Ryan knew without a doubt that the KNUTSON/VIOT ticket was a winner.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are so excited to announce the Compound Crossfit partnership between Ryan Knutson and Tara Viot.


Congratulations Ryan and Tara – we are so excited to see this continued evolution.


So far – Sooo Awesome!


Boot Camp

Next Boot Camp starts 3/31/18

Our next Boot Camp will be taking place in March this Spring, right when the weather starts warming back up!

Who: This boot camp is for any and all fitness levels, our highest attendance is from those just starting CrossFit for their first time. There is no prerequisite of fitness before starting!

What to Expect: You can expect to work hard with a group of individuals, have a blast getting fit, have an experienced coaching staff, receive nutritional counseling for the entire 4 weeks, physical and mental improvements and so much more!

Price: $100 for 1 or $150 for 2 available for purchase in our store on the website or on site.

Times: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 7pm-8pm with Initial Saturday Orientation/Fitness test from 0900-1130

When: 3/31-4/27 (First day is a Saturday which is Orientation/Fitness test day prior to our first Monday Session)

Email Coach Ryan, ryan@compoundcrossfit.com or call him at 757-641-3630 for more details about this program!