Teams of 3


Find 1RM Hang Clean

starting at 20:00

 each athlete completes one of the following in relay fashion,

21 cal row- 15 Thruster 95/65- 9 bar facing burpee

21 thruster 95/65-15 bar facing burpee- 9 cal row

21 bar facing burpee- 15 cal row-9 thruster 95/65

once these are completed team will go right into the following for time:

100 Thruster 95/65

150 Hang Power Clean 95/65

200 burpees

*200 burpees can be done anytime during the thrusters and hang power cleans, 1 person works on bar and both people “resting” can be working on burpee total… score is total weight lifted for strength and the time to complete everything after the 20:00 mark*





Every Year we get together and do the workout “Murph” to honor the Sacrifice Navy Lieutenant  Michael Murphy gave for his country. Come join us Saturday, May 28th, at 10am to give back to Murph and all of our fallen heroes that have kept this countries freedom. Bring friends and family as we will have a big cookout to follow the workout! Also if you would like to use a weight vest for the workout please bring it as we only have a few.



Summer Boot Camp 7/16-8/12


Our next Boot Camp will be taking place in July this summer and you won’t want to miss out on this buy one get one half off deal.

What to Expect: You can expect to work hard with a group of individuals, have a blast getting fit, have an experienced coaching staff, nutritional counseling for the entire 4 weeks, physical and mental improvements and so much more!

Price: $120 for the entire 4 weeks.. There will also be a BOGO half off which would bring the price down to $90 per person if 2 people sign up at the same time!

Times: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 730pm-830pm with Initial Saturday Orientation/Fitness test from 0900-1130

When: 7/16-8/12 (First day is a Saturday which is Orientation/Fitness test day prior to our first Monday Session)


Email Coach Ryan, ryan@compoundcrossfit.comor call him at 757-641-3630 for more details about this program!