10363916_10204117072630021_40722952914234130_nFull Name: William Whisenant

Nickname: Big Will

Hometown: Albany, New York

Occupation: Assistant Director at Regent University

Educational/Training Background Info: 20+ years of personal experience (training and coaching), muscle mags, YouTube videos, Facebook stalking, and results.

Qualification: CrossFit Level 1 Certificate

First WOD: Fight Gone Bad

Greatest Fitness/Nutrition Advice: A fat, a carb (even fruit), and a protein for every meal will make ALLLLLLLLL the difference in the world.

Favorite Quote: “Failure is what causes the demand to increase. Just ask your muscles.”

Go to cheat meal: Chinese or Mexican

Words of Wisdom for rookies: Give yourself grace, knowing that rest and recovery are the most underutilized aspects in working-out. Well . . . that and MOBILITY is the key to longevity in this world.

Benchmark lifts: 300lb bench, 455lb deadlift, 255lb hang power clean and jerk, 215lb strict press, 345lb back squat, 200lb Power Snatch, 52 ¼” standing box jump, and a 6:07 Mile time.

Who inspires you: I’m inspired by people who love genuinely, try earnestly, and live in humility.

Why crossfit?: No other exercise regimen ever made me feel about fitness, being strong, having fun, community or watching people come alive the way this crazy thing does.

Personal Goals: To be the man I believe God wants me to be, even if others don’t agree that I’m on doing just that.

Favorite Compound Memory: Climbing the ropes upside down and descending like a stripper, legs wide!